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  • 13
    Apr 2014
    Doc Phillip’s WWZ Promo – Read the Words & See the Truth – before It arrives at your Doorstep to take you?

    Today’s Truths: 1. Nobody’s Listening…to Truth, Fact or Reason…anymore.  Or, at least not many are now anyway… 2. There is now out there too much Drama & useless Chaos…flowing through our lives today! Deceptions are now everywhere…and, in fact, are the mainstream in Amerika today! 3. Second Timothy Chapters 3 & 4…check it out!  Truth is […]

  • 08
    Oct 2013
    WWZ & Outback Medicine – Teaming Up for the Coming Collapse

        WWZ’s Outback Medicine International Promo – Doc Phillips – WTSHTF you’ll be glad you took this seriously!  Enjoy…           __________________________________________________ See our 3rd Decade Experienced ER Doc – for your 3rd World needs – in your New “Adjusted Life” within the Upcoming Decline/Collapse!  We’re in the Final Stretch by […]

  • 02
    Sep 2013
    Outback Medicine Teaching Conference – October ’13

    Note: At Conference, all participants will be provided an opportunity to obtain “prescribed medications”* – as per the decision of the “Doctor-Patient” private relationship, through the appropriate “medical visit” offered at each conference. *No Narcotics will be prescribed. This conference will be held on a Friday pm & all day Saturday – in the East […]


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Welcome to Outback Medicine

Behind the Medical Curtain…with us you can now can go!  

We are the ER Doctors of Outback Medicine.
Based in “the lower 48” states, our regular jobs are in hospital emergency rooms for the most part. Some of us also work in urgent care clinics, while many of our Docs do 3rd World Country Medical Missions – in addition to our home Emergency Room gigs.  We all have the firm belief this nation is on the decline today, unfortunately.  Along with this, we have each agreed to help prepare others for “having to go it alone” – medically and otherwise – at sometime in our nation’s future!

In our time off, we help you – the conscientious “prepper” – as you gain patient care knowledge, ability and understanding, experience, etc., as to how you will help the people in your life should your world fall and all the present dire predictions of “collapse” do occur.

Our conferences teach.  They teach at two levels – basic “know nothing” lay persons & those who are already trained in some field of medicine, yet do not have the level of “ER Doctor” at their side, to utilize.  We show you how to approach the real care of a patient, accurately, thoroughly (though in a lay situation, we do realize)…at your level of ability to consider, only.

The skills you gain through your Outback Medicine experience are those skills that you might need if left “on your own” – should there be “no doctor” or healthcare professional around.  You should consider “unlicensed” and inappropriate to practice – on any other living being today – up and until “there is no doctor” or medical system to be used, by you & yours.

One of the most applicable results you could gain from Outback Medicine is a your own direct ability to become much more useful (to actual medical personnel present) in any medical care situation you might participate in – whether in the “third world” (i.e. on medical missions trips or anywhere there is no doctor available when help is necessary) or elsewhere.  Outback Medicine does NOT authorize you to be a “mini-doctor” or in any way prepare you to assume this highly trained, intense, U.S. Licensed position.  Do not confuse your time under our expert tutelage as anything other than what it is – Lay Teaching & Knowledge about real Emergency & Basic Medical Care.  Preparations demand many become familiar with “how to” treat patients…should some SHTF or possible TEOTWAWKI situation ever arrive on y/our doorsteps.  If it does, this training and information can literally “save lives”…you bet!

Nothing Beats Expert Medical Training…Nothing!

Outback Medicine offers some rare and highly valuable learning opportunities for your designated “medic” within your group today. Experience what it is like to step behind the real medical curtain today, treating all types of illnesses & injuries, especially as seen in most typical hospital emergency rooms – both in and outside the U.S. today.  The things we ER Docs see, and then have to do, aren’t what most lay people ever imagine go on in this fast pace, high drama, emergency realm!  No, it’s a lot harder than you can imagine, and too, the things we do to help most patients are understandable – when explained by the experts, themselves – and they become much less scary when you get the chance to “take a tour behind the curtain” with our ER Docs as your personal MC’s.

Marge! Now whatta we gonna do?

Nothing beats getting actual hands-on training experience under the superior instruction of our real ER Doctors!  Our top Outback ER Doc –
Dr. B. Phillips – a 25 yr veteran of today’s U.S. Emergency Medical Field – takes what might normally be boring information in typical medical lecture format (normally) and makes your conference experience with Outback Medicine nothing but fun & exciting!  The difference in your ability to better learn more from our information being presented, stems from what are simply adept presentations by our Doc Phillips, direct to you!  In today’s medical realm, this difference in presentation of the subject matter stems directly from Doc Phillip’s literal decades of high intensity practice experience in both hospital ER’s and the vast numbers of “Clinics” he has mastered.

Without a doubt, our Doc Phillips medical missionary experience is one of the highlights to the Outback Medicine conference experience.  Through this harsh arena of 3rd World Medicine, your ability to put yourself in the place of any SHTF situation is realized.  As you will see, there is so much more to “treating patients” than just seeing a problem and tossing some “quick fix” to those problems. What works in the U.S. is entirely bassackwards in a 3rd World situation…and it will be just this “we” will have on our hands, should the worst case scenario be our lot in the near future!

Outback Medicine is simply the best at showing you how to begin handling patients; this is truly an art, and those who’ve never done this cannot begin to do anything but confuse “students” of any medical care purpose by “teaching” just the medical facts you could go read in any textbook!  Your medical care experience with Outback Medicine will be anything BUT typical; most medical teaching conferences today for Lay persons only teach “facts” based information, save one we know of today.  So, it may be time to come enjoy learning something that will come in handy-dandy in any collapse situation…including the already “collapsed” 3rd World arena.  Doc Phillips doesn’t disappoint.  You will be glad you gained from this experience today.  There are very few teaching physicians inside the U.S. with his skills & capabilities – all put on display and with ready-access for you – to be given so openly to so many, in our live-conferences!  From vast experience, in abundance, matched with a teaching ability & interactive personal skills, like few others…Doc Phillips is one of our best assets here at Outback Medicine!  

25 yrs of “Prep” just to be able to give you this Outback Medicine conference!

Outback Medicine does not use “extenders” or other “non-MD” type “Providers” (any of which is simply another form of “cheap medicine” today!) to teach any of our Outback Medicine courses or conferences (although we do offer certain experts in related pertinent areas of “prep” that have proven superior in their respective fields, teaching their respective areas best, therein).  At our conferences, what you will get (like no others’ today) is actual “hands-on” experience in mock medical teaching arenas that cover  specific mainline topics of “prep” highest interest!  Attendees: Go online & set up (via email: your initial request to attend.  Get a slot now.  They go fast and slots are limited at each conference, always.  

Notice: Outback Medicine does not offer a “mini-medical school” experience, by any means.  We are not training “doctors,” but “medics” to aid in the 3rd World medical arena, more likely.  The experience we offer has very legitimate reasons behind our delivery of “specific knowledge” to motivated, conscientious lay individuals desiring basic care of another human being – in austere situations only.  There are in this present society very excellent reasons why so many today – outside the medical profession – need or will need to know and better understand (as taught by only an experienced ER Physician can do, clearly) some sound basics and above basic concepts necessary to urgently be applied in possible life-threatening situations that could very well arise in the near future…where there is no doctor available to care for you or yours!  When the national catastrophe or collapse situation occurs, say the EMP discharge or the failure of the “just in time” supply system we now have so frailly set up in this country, then everyone will look to the “next best thing” to help them out – in each area of need (“medical” being just one of these areas)!  This is the sole purpose of “Outback Medicine” today – “for educational purposes only,” be advised.  Whether this collapse be via slow escalating depression conditions on a decline that continues like the past 5 yrs have shown us they will, with loss of adequate services slowly or by what could well be more abrupt disaster that hits, it is important to “take care of the basics” now – when it comes to preparing for ones’ Medical Care.

Our mission is far greater than most today realize – most in this nation believing their government will take care of me are a setup to catastrophic failure, on multiple levels!  Just look at what happened to the Northeastern seaboard this past moment hurricane Sandy hit!  Ready?  Not hardly!  This country also knows nothing about what it is like to live in any “third world country” today (like those areas hit, post Sandy!) or any immediate austere living conditions that might be thrust upon us all…as the worst fears of any society might well be realized in the moments/days/years that lay ahead.

One has to also ask this question today, “Why are there so many people out there today saying the same thing about this pending U.S. catastropic issue…and so few doing something (in time) to prepare for it?”  Answer: The issue is both “true” and this nation will be crushed when one of the many possible “black swans” finally hits!


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The Road is being Set Up to Prep YOU – for your own Survival!