Outback Medicine Teaching Conference – October ’13

iPhone 5.17.13 934Note: At Conference, all participants will be provided an opportunity to obtain “prescribed medications”* – as per the decision of the “Doctor-Patient” private relationship, through the appropriate “medical visit” offered at each conference.

*No Narcotics will be prescribed.

This conference will be held on a Friday pm & all day Saturday – in the East Tennessee area near the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Lodging is available at two main conference-area hotels; sign-up process provides these nice hotels’ information so you can make your easy accommodations – directly next to our conference room.

Conference capacity is 60 persons.  When we fill up, we will offer the “overflow” to begin filling the next scheduled conference in the coming months.  First Come First Serve – so sign up quick.  Begin email process by sending your full name, living address, work/profession, D.O.B. & any questions directly to us asap @ OutbackMedicine@gmail.com

Please expect us to be “nosey” about who attends OUR conferences.  We are not a “medical school” though we provide “teaching conferences” in this very nice tourist area, and though we are not from this area, we will need to scrutinize each applicant to assure your own secure learning environment as well as our own ability to stay within certain guidelines – in this time of serious world difficulty, etc.  Enough said…

1. Intro & WTSHTF – What happens then?!! (3rd World Living = Instant 1800’s Living + the Zombie Factor!! Will the Collapse Occur Fast or will it be a Slow Decline into National Chaos?)
2. True Preppers…Ready for the 3rd World of our coming Reality?
A) To Believe or Not to Believe – Is today’s Prepper a Nut? The Two U.S. Belief Camps & How This Really Affects You!
B) Ready for our new Collapse Reality? FACT: 95+% of US will not be! Now what? If you think this doesn’t matter, OMG you’re dreaming!
3. The 10 Pillars of real Prep (1-10). Here it is! [Conference Presented & Detailed Material]
4. What is Good Medical Care? And Bad Care? FACT: There is a huge difference in what Care you can receive – after the collapse & even now! “Cheap Care is not Good & Good Care is not Cheap!” (US Medical Care today is now “Cheap”! Most don’t have a clue how bad it has become…behind the medical curtain…but they will soon, all the more! We’ll show you with a sneak peek into your immediate future…called Obamacare+!)
5. [Q & A Session (@ end of each Conf. 1/2 day) w/Food served at the “Chop House” – awesome!]
6. The U.S. Psych Bomb! “The fuse is now lit!” What is this? Who is affected?
(Addictions & Anxiety/Depression – all so diagnosed are now “On Drugs” in US = Ka-Boom! If you thought “Dennis the Menace” was tough to deal with (for those over 40 today), this new issue is the real Devil! )
A) How to Approach (Treating all ER) Patients!
1st: “Trauma” [GSWs, Blunt Force Trauma, ATLS, Lacerations, etc. …]
B) How to Approach Treating all other Patients! (General Care Galore!)
2nd: “Non-Trauma” Pts [The Sicko Masses of today!]
C) What Not to Do in Medicine! You CAN kill humans all too easily with Treatments!
D) BONUS: THE Fix & Solution to the Broken US Medical Care System! (We have it!)
8. INFECTIONS & ILLNESS – the Majority of all Needed Care – Basic Concepts & How To’s – Diagnosis & Treatment! Pearls & Key Concepts from 30 years of actual Medical Practice! (HINT: You won’t get this elsewhere!)
9. Pharmacology – Prescribed, OTC & “Under the Counter”! (“Better living through Chemistry?” Houston, we now have a very serious problem!)
10. “Garage ER!” – The Must Have Prep Items for when You’re On Your Own in any Collapse – Gen. Prep & Medical Stash (Rx included)!  NOTE: Outback Medicine’s Doc Phillips is the featured ER MD on Paramount’s blockbuster movie, “World War Z” – the DVD featuring our Doc comes out later this month!  Yes, this is the same Doctor Phillips that teaches our Outback Medical Conferences!
11. Nation of “Experts”: The Grand Farse – Why You Don’t Want To & Are Not really Capable of “Practicing Medicine” Today – Well – like you may Think! This is simply a very costly Human Mine Field of potentially Deadly Mistakes – esp. during 3rd World Scenarios – for most “Modern Day Medics”!
12. NBC & EMP – OMG! This will blow your mind!!
13. PRACTICE & VIS. STUDY MODULES: Trauma Pts (ATLS) & GSWs, IVs & Fluids, Fracture Care/Assessments & Tx, Suturing Skin, Gen. Surgery, Birthing Babies, Chickens, K-9s, Zombies … and more!
*Outback Medicine reserves the right to alter this Conference Schedule & allow/disallow Anyone in attendance, at anytime. Pre-conference Application is Required. See OutbackMedicine.com for details in the coming weeks. NOTE: Nothing Illegal will be Discussed or Taught at any Outback Medical Conference! Next Conf. Date is still TBA…
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