WWZ & Outback Medicine – Teaming Up for the Coming Collapse

The Clock is Ticking - Anything but a RESET may not work now!

The Clock is Ticking – Anything but a RESET may not work now!



WWZ’s Outback Medicine International Promo – Doc Phillips – WTSHTF you’ll be glad you took this seriously!  Enjoy…







See our 3rd Decade Experienced ER Doc – for your 3rd World needs – in your New “Adjusted Life” within the Upcoming Decline/Collapse!  We’re in the Final Stretch by all accounts!

CONSULTS WITH DR. PHILLIPS now available via email:



Expect to pre-pay for our Doctor’s Time inside these valuable personal & private phone or email sessions, once set up…via email only.

OBAMAcare – seems this guy is bent on making sure all Amerikans learn how truly valuable their one on one past medical care once was, huh?   If you don’t know this yet – you will – very soon!  The bottom’s falling out on your access to good care now, so – as Glen Beck recently said – “I’d put a private MD on retainer if I were you!”  Unfortunately, most of us are looking for the exits on this disastrous government takeover of (not just) the Healthcare Field today!  Get ready!  It’s going to be a sad scene when this thing really goes viral (pardon the pun)!!


OUTBACK UPDATE: Well, a lot has happened since our last post.  Lots!  The world’s certainly becoming more “interesting,” day by day, is it not?  More need our help than know it, and so many still can’t see their own personal “predicaments” for the worldly blinders they choose to continue to wear!  Refusing to see what’s coming will not keep it from happening!  The guy on the cover pic of this post is making certain everybody will need our services – before it’s over!

Trouble with the present issue we present is just this – not many (though there are more and more every day, we know) want to see “What’s Really Going On” here.  Go figure…  Denial is always more fun, isn’t it!  The Dream Fantasies keep the “reality’ from hurting so much, too, I guess…till they don’t anymore!

Anyway, what we have seems to be catching on with many.  The medical prep stuff is a field where you can get “cheap crap” at low prices (and you get what you pay for, it looks obvious to us, in this) or you can pay a little to get what has to be the better bargain in “medical prep” – from our ER Docs at Outback Medicine!

All Americans wish they were like this?

Do you want this bunch teaching you life-saving stuff?   Aaaank!  I don’t think so!

Seriously, we see a nurse touting “classes” that would be very difficult not to criticize – from the inside – today! But…we won’t…I guess…oh well.  Please, seek your “professional help” from only those with the backgrounds and knowledge base to be able to “teach you” today…please!  Otherwise, you’re just getting a “nice talk” from a “pretty girl” who knows (not much) more than you do!  Ugh!

WTSHTF – what you learned will need to be far and above higher than the “nurse across the street” – please be advised of this today – ahead of time!  A Nurse may help you, but that’s not the care you need – alone!  [Ref. See Walton’s Episode “The Vigil” – to get it.]  Likewise, you don’t want the head Stewardess to be in the cockpit flying your jet plane, now, do you…?  Same thing.  Think about it!

OUTBACK MEDICINE can teach you at CONFERENCE (and via some CONSULTS) about all of the following (not just “dosage calculations of IV’s” or “simple first aid”…):

1. WTSHTF – What’s really going to happen when it all falls!

2. What to do WTSHTF – What to expect and then what to do – both now and then.

Haitian Road Bath

3rd World Road Bathing!

3. What the 3rd World is really like – cuz we’ve been there – many times!

4. Real Medical Prep – on things like:
a) How to ID and then deal with INFECTIONS!
b) How to handle TRAUMA – GSW’s included!
c) What a typical day in any ER is like – and how to approach each type illness or injury!
d) Medical Supplies you need – NOW!

5. Outback Medicine will TAKE ANY QUESTION at Conference – just try this (in reality) at any shallow (nurse) knowledge “class” elsewhere!  Yes, we dare to TELL YOU THE TRUTH about this – sorry if it “hurts someone’s feelings”!  Your Life is worth more than some cute delusion in this arena, for yourself, in the pre-collapse precious time we’re now in…

6. O.M. can and will be able to PRESCRIBE MEDICATIONS for you – at Conference*
*Don’t ask for Narcotics.

Nephew rushes in with this GSW to his forehead!

GSW to forehead!  What do you do now?

7. MODULE TRAINING – Sewing Skin/Suturing, How to Treat a GSW, Triage of Patients, Advanced Trauma Assessments & Care, etc.

8. Extra-Medical Collapse Issues – like: Chicken Farming, Gardening, 3rd World Living, Basics of Homesteading (wherever you are), Security & Protection Issues (Home & Personal), K-9 Protection Services, Multiple Threats to Life!

9. Prepping for Shortages

10. Psy(ch)Ops!  Get ready!  It’s going to be one hello of a “Jerry Springer Show” WTSHTF!

Pill Dope for America!

Pill Dope for America!

11.  Pharmacology & What you can do about this – NOW!

12. NBC & EMP Prep!

Contains Information every American needs today!

Contains Information every American needs today!



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