Garage ER

Garage ER.  Everybody needs one in the coming collapse!  Heck, everybody will know someone who has one – that’s for sure!  Don’t wait!  Get yours started today!

Introducing “Garage ER” – When the Zombies Hit U.S. – Everybody Will Need a makeshift “Garage ER”!

The Outback Medicine “Garage ER”.  What is this?  I know one thing; everybody wants one of these right now!  And who could blame them?

The Post Apocalypse Garage ER is simply the best anti-Zombie home tool around!  It saves lives – yours!  It’s also the newest thing we at Outback Medicine have been very busy assembling just for you!  Imagine it – your place to see & treat what is coming in your neighborhood, all emergent!  It’s a place where you can be prepared now to treat almost anything – then – right on your home turf, block or neighborhood, which is where you’ll be WTSHTF!

The new “garage emergency room” or “garage ER” concept is how it will happen – to you, for you, for all others – treating all types of medical emergencies in a post apocalyptic world!  Think about it.  It’ll be the way it’ll all come down in the end!  Everything then is local.  The “Garage ER” will be the new hospital for you in a system-down situation, clearly…so you better get ready…and we are gearing up to help you, too!  Outback Medicine will help you construct your own Garage ER at any level you feel able, very soon!

Listen. Collapse scenarios demand improvisation; nothing works like you plan now, then. That’s what it’s like in the real 3rd World!  Outback Medicine knows – we’ve been there – many times – and in that time (of real collapse), the whole system (or what’s left of it) will be VERY different than what you plan for or what you think it will be today…bet on it!  Now is the time to get it in gear to handle this – before it comes full bore right down your street!

So, we at Outback Medicine are particularly specialized in planning to help as many as possible get their own “Garage ER’s” ready.  It’s what we are best at today – improvised, prepared, collapse, dire, austere, system-down emergency medicine!  You will have to do some form of this yourselves – in a system-down scenario – it’s a no-brainer.  It’s the 3rd World right on your door step, too, and it’s coming soon to see you – in the form of “Zombies”!  FACT: If you don’t have what you need “when the balloon goes up,” which is to say “WTSHTF,” then guess what?  You won’t have it at all!

This must be part of the reason why Paramount Studios in L.A. chose to come see Outback Medicinethis past week – filming all day at our very real (movie set) “Garage ER” for their summer blockbuster trilogy 1st hit, WWZ – using the Outback Medicine “Garage ER”!   Outback Medicine’s 3rd World Zombie Apolcalypse (system-down) “Garage ER” is now one of Paramount’s Promos set to release next week for this summer’s blockbuster Brad Pitt flick, “WWZ”!  The Outback Medicine “Garage ER” Promo part uses our own ER Doc Bud Phillips, MD – shot right inside our newly assembled Garage ER (Emergency Room)!  And our “Garage ER” concept is already catching on like wild fire now!  (Pics of the “Garage ER” will be posted soon – due initial release requirements by Paramount in the Promo to air this next week.)

Needless to say, the Outback Medicine’s “Garage ER” is the perfect solution to the medical emergencies associated with any coming “Zombie Apocalypse”!  Get yours now –  yes, a “Garage ER” – before the lines at Outback Medicine grow into what could only be called thick wet grass!

The Garage ER is our concept of “setting up your home location” for treating urgent and emergent medical situations – heck, all medical situations – in a post Apocalypse scenario!  No implication of “good care” or “good outcomes” come with this help by “Outback Medicine,” which should be obvious.  You’re on your own – with your stuff in your “Garage ER” – post our supplying you with your own version of a cool “Garage ER” – all of which makes sense!  You can come to one of the Outback Medicine Conferences if you want to learn the skills to operate your new “garage equipment”…with the same “no guarantees” therein…obviously.

Get ready…to find what you need in package form at Outback Medicine…your own “Garage ER”!  Stay Tuned!  We’ve got the rare experience in the 3rd World to do something for you that most only talk about today!  This is something the “talkers” who haven’t been there, just can’t do, really.  Don’t find this out after the fact!  Ours is a “Garage ER” concept made possible by our own actual practice experience in the 3rd World – now transferred to your very own location – where it becomes useful for you in any system-down collapse!

Look for our “Garage ER” Sales Items in the “Garage ER” Menu Section of Outback Medicine soon!

Also, watch Outback Medicine’s Doc Phillips in the Paramount Studio’s WWZ Promo – soon to air (at least) online!