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Dr. Phillips is a U.S. Trained Board Certified MD – with 25 years experience in today’s medical arena.  He has practiced for decades as the attending physician in busy hospital emergency rooms, country family practice offices, urgent care walk-in’s & several stints enjoying (or enduring) foreign medical missions in third world  countries.

Dr. Phillips has a great deal of experience addressing some of the most hidden problems in the U.S. medical system today; much of this involves attempting to bring attention to three areas of special concern:
1) Today’s obvious decline in the Healthcare System (i.e. this being a direct & voluntary perceived violation of any Physician’s Oath) & World, having its’ most poignant effect in the type of care most patients now fail to get – inside the present dysfunctional healthcare system the U.S. seems to insist is “the best healthcare system in the world,” still.  Such is so often seen in the primary care field today – where “cheap care” has taken on new meanings, beyond comprehension, seeing a Nurse instead of a real Doctor most often today, as this “cheap care” system change has not been a good thing for most patients, quite obviously.
2) Addiction Treatment Issues – Attempting to teach a seemingly insensitive & ignorant medical profession what is a much better “how to” approach to actually helping today’s drug addict!
3) Disaster Medical & Personal Prepping – Providing teaching and hands on experiences to the new breed of “austere medicine” or “prep crowd” we see growing in leaps and bounds (thank goodness) for times ahead that loom very dark for us all, indeed!

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