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This is the sign up page for upcoming Outback Medicine conferences.
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What you will learn at conference – may well save a life one day, too!

What you need to know before attending our conference:
1. Outback Medicine is not a “mini-medical school”.  Please do not expect to be able to “treat humans” when you leave this conference…as this is illegal to do without a medical license in any location.

2. Outback Medicine is a U.S. business operating within the Law in all 50 states.  We do not tolerate miscreants.  If any participant chooses to give Outback Medicine cause to doubt that participant’s good intentions, in any way, it will be our exclusive choice to prevent your participation in our conferences.

3. Outback Medicine is a unique operation today in the realm of “prepping” – esp. involving “medical prep”.  We offer only “ER Doctors” teaching our conference courses, and this makes our offer highly unique today, obviously.

4. The Field of Medicine is today in disarray to say the least.  Most “participating” in it might tell you this; many would deny it altogether.  The critical factor involved in what once was “good medicine” has long been forgotten, or abandoned, one of the most damaged factors in this realm being that of “trust” – between just two parties (only): Doctors & Patients.

All activities Outback Medicine will ever be involved in will necessarily hold in high regard this “trust factor” (now missing), which we intend to resurrect in all our affairs, as well as what will be our total respect for a higher quality and ability – which only proper and adequate training can bring – in the practice of real medicine.  No shallow or casual renditions of “medical care” will require either respect or appreciation, nor will be condone what is or has proven itself out there today to be a shoddy brand of “medical care” – now seen all over, even in some “prep camps”.  For the issue is too important to allow this thing called “healthcare” to decline further or become just “convenient” in application.  It takes what it takes to do this right; we will not be held down in the muck having to “participate” in a brand of “care” that is only operated by a new “breed” of cheap or stupid.  If this offends those who like today’s “drive through” “cheap care” rendered by anything less than “expert education, skills & training” then please do not participate in any way with us, as we give of our hard-fought truly professional services.

It all comes back to two things:
1) The Oath of Hippocrates – where it is paramount in all things involving “medical care” to “put the patient first” – to do with the application of all care.
2) The First Rule of Medicine is “Do No Harm”.  And taking on “third parties” for your “boss” – allowed to instruct you as a caretaker (whatever level one holds in today’s charade of “medicine”), tell you what to do, when, where, at what times, with what medications, what tools, etc. – is an abomination to the real practice of professional medicine.  We refuse to “participate” in this sham any longer!