Links and Keepers Page

1. The most visited site on the internet today for “Preppers”.

2. Another site of excellent quality is “Ready Made Resources”:

3. Outback Medicine’s Facebook Page – where the discussion is more in depth on related issues of today:

4. The Survival Mom – includes a menagerie of preparedness items, shows, lists, discussions.

5. Wilderness Survival skills are essential to anyone desiring to take care of a grid down situation, or more.

6. Homesteading will be key to any self-sustaining, austere type living situation.  Blog questions here:

7. Preparing your –
Rudy Kearney


Our List of “Items to Own” (ITO’s) that basically pay for themselves – just by having on hand are:

1. Excellent Quality Medical First Aid Kits – see our Products Page, once this “Personal FAK” line is posted.

2. Superior Quality Knives:
a) SOG – Navy Seal & Seal Pup, Revolver (knife), Multi-tool
b) Cold Steel’s – Push Knives
c) Benchmade clip knives (1/2 serrated & 1/2 straight edge blades)

3. Marvel’s Mystery Oil – pick up a (red) bottle at your local AutoZone today.  Since 1923, this stuff does a ton of stuff for you! [Hint: Engine Repair Mechanics are routinely saying the “gas” (diesel or gas) made today is of very poor quality – the Sulfur now taken out of Diesel causing predictable damage to all diesel engines!  Solution: Put 2-cycle oil into every tank of Diesel & add Marvel Mystery Oil to both Diesel or Gas; ours gets a healthy dose of “Seafoam” in every tank, also!  “Prevention is the Key!”]

4. LED  Solar & Rechargeable Lights – see our Products Page.  Soon to have the awesome KLARUS lights!

5. Blood Test Kits – see our Products Page.

6. Casting Kits – sold only at our Outback Medicine Lay Conferences.

7. Suture Kits – see our Products Page now.

8. OB Delivery Buckets – coming soon!