Superior Quality Minor Suture/Surgery Kit

Quality Surgical Instruments are a must when it comes to repeated use and/or a better than dufus skill level at "pulling a wound back together again," both of which usually allow you to use these gems adeptly, with precision, repeatedly (post cleaning) - for better results overall - for years on end.  Better quality tools make for more excellent outcomes, most often. Most Doctors strongly desire this level of "German Steel" Surgical Instruments when they operate today - in the ER, the clinics as well as in the OR! Given this fact, most Doctors carry a small set of this quality or better surgical instruments in their Black Bags (now a "go bag") wherever they least the properly prepared ones usually do.  In purchasing this higher quality set of instruments, you won't be sorry when it comes to using this superior quality of "German Steel" Surgical Instruments!  They ride far and above anything cheaply made, such as the "Pakistan" plated "junk," relatively speaking...that most throw-away kits always have.  And, you can reuse these better tools years on end, too! Premium Instrument Kit contains all "German Stainless Steel" finest quality Surgical Suture Tools:
  1. Curved "mosquito" Hemostat, 5" (German Steel) [caption id="attachment_556" align="alignright" width="185" caption="Superior Germany Stainless Minor Surgical Kit"][/caption]
  2. No. 10 Scalpel Blade Handle
  3. Surgical Scissors, medium (German Steel)
  4. Forceps (also called "pick-ups" - also German Steel)
  5. Needle Driver, 5" (German Steel)
The "Minor Surgery Kit" also includes:
  1. two sterile 18" polypropylene suture packs with needle
  2. 4"x4" non-sterile guaze (which for all practical purposes IS sterile)
  3. 1 roll Silk Tape
  4. 1 Chux Pad
  5. 1 Surgical Mask
  6. 1 Stainless Steel Liq. Cup
  7. 1 bottle Betadine Liq.
  8. 1 Ammonia "Smelling Salt"
DISCLAIMER: The picture on this site is not 100% accurate - as to instrument count, type & "kit" contents specifically.  What is included in this "kit" are the items listed clearly above, in detail...only...which is awesome!  Note also, "Outback Medicine" is not your "doctor" and holds zero responsibility or liability as to the use of these purchased items.  All items are ONLY TO BE USED IN A TOTAL SOCIETAL COLLAPSE SITUATION, and never before or by anyone without the expertise to use "surgical instruments" period.
*At the present time, these kits are not on back-order but may at anytime become so due their popularity.  Our kits are "hand-assembled" and also may contain slightly different instruments than shown in picture above (we recommend calling before ordering to check availability and When considering your order, e-mail us at " OR" to see if our stock has arrived.  Last check, we had 3 left...
NOTE: Outback Medicine does take "partial payments" (per your ability to pay), which works out better for some (i.e. working for hourly rate pay at their own jobs?) and which you should consider something akin to what used to be called "layaway".  If you choose to do this instead of paying for the whole thing all at once, there will be a 5% administrative fee tacked onto each purchase and you absolutely should understand that each item "purchased" and placed (by us) in "layaway" is not a negotiable item as to "refusal to continue to purchase" that item which you already agreed to purchase, etc.  All payments made to Outback Medicine are "non-refundable" at anytime, post payment; if you do not want to continue making payments - for any reason whatsoever - before your product is shipped only after being paid in full - you can do this, but then your paid money will be automatically applied to either another product we sell OR placed toward access to our exclusive "physician consult" service, to be used within the next 6 months by you, only.  Obviously, we recommend that if you begin this process you should finish the committed process by paying for your product in full (as we assemble these "kits" and hold them for you at our facility once you commit to "purchasing it" - over time).


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