Home Security Intruder Alert & Halt Package - Just $299!

[caption id="attachment_834" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Stop this before it Hits your Door!"][/caption] Home Security begins with awareness!  You must know what's out there, 24/7, and then you must place "halts" in the way of potential threats to you and your family...while you take cover on the inside! HSIAH. We have come up with a quick and easy method of installation onto any home, the advanced notice warnings our "Home Security Intruder Alert & Halt" package, which can give you the most important pre-intrusion seconds that can save your life!  Install this package in just one short afternoon - a 2 hour or less installation process that anybody can do, anywhere!
  1. Optex Motion Alarm with Sound Beeper inside your house!
  2. Door Metal Shanks that install in the Jam to greatly "halt" or impede any would be Home Invader from kicking in your door!
  3. We HIGHLY recommend you purchase a good CCTV system with or without a DVR attached.  And while this does not come in this HSIAH package, we can steer you to some of the cheapest and best methods of "security cameras" on the market today.
  4. Awareness Information.  Order this HSIAH protection package today, and we will include our "awareness sheet" of how you should be thinking and what you should be doing around your living space - to prevent attacks!
This information and this HSIAH Package can SAVE YOUR LIFE !! What price do you place on your life today?  This is CHEAP PROTECTION!    


$499.00 $299.00

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