N-100 Facial Mask/Respirator (infection guard)

The N-100 Face Mask/Particulate Respirator (infection guard) - is a NIOSH rated mask that everyone around those infected should keep on hand!  This is the top of the line in "particulate respirators" that doesn't require extensive ability to breathe through the more complex, arduous types (that some jobs require) of "respirators". This one is our favorite!  It is very light, molded (to increase effectiveness), very well constructed, durable & breathes very nice!  It has an exhalation valve as all good ones have.  It's easy to wear and get used to, and the best part of it is IT WORKS very well!! We have worn these exact same masks in our ERs and Clinics at times when our patients being seen are "infected"!!  Coughing, Spitting, Vomiting, Skin or "Other" Infections, Colds of Chest or Head, etc., and the mask goes on before we enter the rooms - always!  Our "doctor infection rate" has declined because of this preventative action, some 10 fold!  Any infection that spreads by "contact" or "respiratory" aerosol/coughing, etc., is something we don't want to catch...and you don't either!  This is the mask that prevents most infections from spreading to the ones wearing the awesome N-100!  Once you see how well it works, you'll be a believer and wearer of it anytime infection is around! [caption id="attachment_1020" align="alignright" width="450" caption="NIOSH "N-100" Particulate Respirator, Anti-Infection Mask"][/caption] Note that there are lesser rated NIOSH "masks".  The N-95 seems to be popular today (though I cannot understand why this is); it does not guard against germs being transmitted nearly as effectively as the N-100 protects the wearer...thus, the number difference between the two NIOSH ratings. As our experience has shown, there is no doubt this exercise in "prevention" works to our best health - if worn around "infections" of all types today.  Contagiousness of illnesses is a topic that most people are unaware of today, unfortunately.  This N-100 mask will make you a believer in how you "used to get sick each winter"...and "now you don't"!  At least that has been our clear experience with this mask for the past 6 years running, and "we" see a lot of "infections" having ample experience trying this cheap trick of prevention out, ahead of you! Worth every penny to buy, wear and keep with you, we promise! Doc Phillips - Outback Medicine, Chief


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